Twist of Fate


Stretched limited edition archival canvasĀ print of “Twist of Fate”



If hard work had a face…
Integrity a name…
And perseverance was a manual…
This would be a page from that book.

Rugged footwear and worn clothes,
Hands that don’t stay idle…
They dress themselves with dignity, and pride,
And the fortitude to smile into the sun.

Well traveled on their separate life’s paths,
Yet bonded through the aches in their backs…
And their tired bodies,
After a long day of fruitful labor…

They rest against a rough wall…
The brims of their hats shading their eyes,
From a warm, late afternoon sun.
And the cooling day is a kiss of refreshment,
On their dry skin in the dusty air.

They will do it all again tomorrow,
These every day men…
For the modest reward of honest endeavors.

Their faces seem so familiar,
As they look forward with honor…
The faces of the working people…

For the comforts in life,
And the ease of prosperity is not known to all…

But for any man the journey could be altered…
by a simple “Twist of Fate”.

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Dimensions 16 x 20 x 3 in


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